The Uplands at Lambert Lane

The Uplands at Lambert Lane Entrance

The Uplands at Lambert Lane is going to be a Gated Community.
There are three models to chose from The Laurel, Copperleaf and Desert Lavender

There are a couple of things that make this community stand out from others

  • Two of the three models have a BASEMENT options

    This is almost unheard of in the Tucson Area. If you want a basement this might be the place in Oro Valley you thought you could never find.

  • Two models come with a 3 Car Garage for the third it is optional

Oro Valley 3 Car Garage Rumor

There has been a rumor going around Oro Valley that the city isn’t allowing any more 3 Car Garage homes to be built. That has caused quite a stir, but from what I hear the fuller explanation is many builders aren’t providing lots wide enough to meet the qualifications of a three car garage. That’s a little different story.

The Location

Map of Uplands at Lambert Lane It is located over the ridge on Lambert behind the Walgreen’s at La Canada and Lambert.

This location provides very quick and easy access to many of the place people what to get to in Oro Valley. It is just a mile or so to the Park, Fry’s grocery store and Tully’s Coffee shop are just across La Canada.

Everyone want a Walgreen’s close by. The location put a ridge between the community and the La Canada and all the activity that goes with the commerce going on at the intersection. (translated, it’s quiet but close).

The Uplands View of Catalina MountainsThe picture to the right is of the Catalina Mountains facing east at the entrance to the community.

The road is Lambert, just over the ridge in the center is La Canada and all the stores mentioned above.

There is also a daycare located right beside the Walgreens.

The Uplands Entrance facing SouthThe view facing south as you leave the community is one of city lights at night and mountains during the day.

The Uplands at Lambert Lane Map

The Upland Lot Map

On the map I’ve included in Blue the Lot Premium for each lot if there is one and in Red the Square footage of each lot.

The Pricing

  • The Laurel
    4 BR 3BA
    2929 sq. ft.
    Single Story
  • The Copperleaf
    4BR 3BA
    3748 sq. ft.
    Basement Included
  • The Desert Lavender
    4BR 3 1/2 BA
    4425 sq. ft.

The Incentives

  • 1st Buyer Deduct $20,000
  • 2nd Buyer Deduct $15,000
  • 3rd Buyer Deduct $10,000
  • 4th Buyer Deduct $ 5,000

I’ll do a follow up post to this one showing the elevations and floorplans for each of the models with some interesting things in the features. But I’ll not leave you waiting till then for this information.

Here is a 14 page document containing The Standard Features, Floorplans, Location Map and more are in The Uplands at Lambert Lane Documentation. It’s a PDF. View it, save it if you want and if you have any questions feel free to contact us.