The Price of Gas Today $138.9

Gas $1.38

Gas $1.38

I know this isn’t the price everywhere or for everyone.  Honestly I don’t know how it was the price for me today, but it was.

I had just finished breakfast at the new McDonald’s on Tangerine (where they finally got the furnace fixed and there is now heat) and went next door to the Fry’s gas station.  I used my Fry’s card to get the usual 10 cent discount and when I scanned my card it asked if I wanted a 20 cent discount.

Heck no, I just want my 10 cent discount  (Yeah, Right).  I pushed yes, and up popped the price $1.38.9 for a gallon of gas.  I wish I had needed more.

I don’t know why it was 20 cents off.  (I know that was the next question on your mind)  I don’t know if it was a fluke, I don’t know why, I just know I filled up the tank as full as I could get it and left there with a smile on my face tapping on the window the whole time singing “I just paid $1.38 for gas”

The first thing I did after starting the pump was get out my camera and snap this picture.  I know in years to come no one will believe this story without a picture.  Then I’ll just have to convince them I didn’t doctor the image.

I’ll try and not have another gas price post.  But if it drops below a $1.  I’ll probably give in.  Below a dollar? are you kidding, well, think about it, I just paid $1.38.9 who would have thought . . .


  1. That is a total steal. Gas prices here in Charlotte, NC, are hovering around $1.50-$1.60, which is ten times better than the $4 we paid a couple months ago, but I can’t help but wonder how long these prices will last before we head skyward again.