Skype a Great Service at a Reasonable Price

(This is where my picture
with me wearing headphones
was going to go, bad idea.)

Skype for the Budget Minded

I recently wrote a post over at Tucson AZ Real Estate about Skype. It is an internet based phone service which I’ve been using for the past three weeks. Once you set up an account you can make PC to PC voice calls through your computer. But, if you are willing to part with $24 a year you can make calls to home phones and cell phones. There are no long distance charges and you can call any phone in the United States.

Skype for the hearing impaired

The quality of the calls is exceptional, the best I’ve ever heard using a voice over ip system (VOIP). But the affordability isn’t the big thing that attracts me to Skype. It is the fact I can put on a headset with a mic and volume control and make my calls.

I’ve been hearing impaired for over 30 years. It has gotten worse in the past few years and I now wear hearing aids. Yep, one in each ear. Talking on a phone or cell phone is a nightmare. Either I get feedback, or I can’t hear. The cell phone is in a constant state of motion trying to find just the spot where voices come through loud enough for me to hear.

Now I sit at my desk, bring up my Skype account and start dialing. I don’t have to take out my hearing aids and I have volume control to die for. For the first time in years, I’m actually enjoying talking to others using a phone, headphone that is.

There is one more really great use for Skype video calling. I’ll go into that in more detail in the near future. We have a college student leaving this fall for the first year away at college. Skype gives us the ability to video call to keep in touch.

The only thing that is a little nuisance, there is no caller id for those you are calling, sometimes it is unknown, some times a number will appear on the caller id but it won’t be any number you are associated with.

You can read more about Skype at our post on: Tucson AZ Real Estate about Skype.


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