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Shop Oro Valley Even If You Are In Phoenix

Shop Oro Valley Even If You Are In Phoenix

I spotted this Shop Oro Valley bumper sticker in a mall parking lot in Phoenix last week.

I had to get a picture of it.  I’m not going to judge the owner for having this in Phoenix.  They might have been up there advertising what a great place Oro Valley is to shop.  Hey, they might have been there for that reason.

As soon as I heard about the Shop Oro Valley campaign I stopped in at City Hall and picked up my bumper sticker and bag.

Since I have plastic bumpers (oh yeah plastic works great for a bumper) I couldn’t put the magnetic bumper sticker on the bumper.  So I called it a “Back Door Sticker” and put it on the back door.  Just like the one in the picture.

The campaign has made me more mindful of shopping on Oro Valley when I can.  Whenever I head out to get something my first question is: “Can I find that in Oro Valley?”  If so, that’s where I shop first.  I’ve also been stopping by the Oro Valley Farmer’s Market on Saturdays to buy at least one thing each visit.  It usually turns out to be coffee which I love.  I am trying to make a concerted effort to help our local Oro Valley economy.

Yes, it is my car in the picture, but I didn’t buy anything.


  1. Hey Dave, The campaign certainly has made you more mindful! Wish you Happy and prosperous new year!