Roche Buys Ventana Medical

Roche Pays up for Ventana Medical

It still has to be approved by the stock holders but the boards of both Roche and Ventana Medical have approved the purchase.

The link above is to the Forbes article this morning reporting the agreement.

They never mention Ventana Medical is located in Oro Valley, Arizona.  Probably don’t want to confuse people with the HUH?  where is that? factor.

Now do you all have your seat belts fastened for the opening of the Stock Exchange today.  Remember they are only paper losses.  At least that’s what I’m trying to tell myself.

I would sure hate to have picked today to retire and draw down my retirement savings.

Hold on, here we go.


  1. Linda Moore says

    This fails to mention that the article was false and that the owner of Dragon Village is also an officer of the magazine that gave out the award.

    There is quite a bit of fraud being committed by the owners of Dragon Village. Dont let them fool you.

  2. Linda,

    I think you put this comment on the wrong post.

    Second, could you please provide your source. I’ve not heard this and will be glad to provide further clarification. The post was based on the article in “The Arizona Daily Star”.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. Linda Moore says


    I didnt post this in the wrong spot, i saw an improper post. Albeit, i realize this was only because the AZ Star posted it. But as they are realizing now, it was all on a basis of fraud. After we were solicited by the owner of Dragon Village from a nearby restaurant we became sucpiscious. After ressearching, we found that in order to receive the award they did (which was top 100 of each of 11 categories) they had to receive a top 100 vote received online via web on a website. We found that they received no votes from anyone other than the oweners and family of the restaurant. However, since it was still more than some of the lesser (self registered) restaurant had received they defaulted to receive an award. This aside, maybe their food really is deserving? Maybe they solicted us from a nearby restaurant because they had pride in the in their restraurant? We tried it so, and since then have asked everyone we know. Honestly? Everyone knows the fraud. The truth really is, if you are looking for cheap low quality fast food, then this is your place. Dont expect to spend much time in the restaurant, they will rush you out. But compared to mcdonalds? I will take Dragon village any day. To say it is a top 100 chinese restaurant with merit? It just isnt based on fact and is unfair to the unknowing, and especially visiting patron. I have been an OV resident for 24 years and could never lie to any of my neighboors. What they did to my family was only unethical it isnt wanted by myself or any of my friends of neighboors.

  4. Linda,

    Thank you for the information and clarification. However, I’m still confused about this comment being on the post “Roche Buys Ventana Medical”, shouldn’t these comments be on the post about Dragon Village.

    I will gladly move the comments to that post if this is the case. It would seem to make more sense to have them on the Dragon Village post than on the Roche Buys Ventana Medical post.