Oro Valley’s New Fires Station

Oro Valley New Fire Station

Oro Valley has a new fire station.  It is one of our communities most hidden assets.  Unless you have a reason to drive behind the Walgreen’s at Lambert and La Canada you might not even know it is there.

For many months I watched as the dirt was removed from the hill behind.  At first I thought maybe a mini storage was going in there.  It was several months before I had the occasion to venture back there.  When I did I was surprised to discover it wasn’t a mini storage, instead it was a brand new fire station.  It is a real beauty too.

It is always an asset to a community to have a fire station which is close to both business and a large residential area.  There are also some great new mosaics located at the front of the building.

Your Home Owners Insurance Rates  Could Go Down

Your home owners insurance could go down if this new station became the closest fire station to your home.  Check with your insurance agent you could get a lower rate because of the proximity to the fire station.

Next time you are in the area cruise back there and take a look at our town’s latest asset.  I’m sure the fellows at the station would love to give you (and the kids) a quick tour of the new facility (and the fire truck).

I love our town.  I love living in Oro Valley.  I hope you do too.