Oro Valley Trader Joes Smart Marketing

Trader Joe’s in Oro Valley is doing some very smart marketing in the way they are branding their shopping bags.  They are also displaying a great sense of humor also.

Trader Joe’s Marketing

There is a big push all over the world to be rid of the plastic shopping bags which are filling our landfills, cluttering our desert and roadways and making the entire world look like a trash heap.  As a result many grocery stores and markets have started selling branded bags which consumers can bring back with them as they go “GREEN” while shopping.

Trader Joes BagsOf course each store wants you to bring in there bags when you shop in their stores.  I even see some people in the parking lots digging in the trunk to get out the “Appropriate” bag.

With the exception of my Dad who says “I’m an old man, they don’t care” as he carries his Fry’s bag into Trader Joe’s.

From the beginning Trader Joe’s had this shiny pink bag with flowers on it and their name (the pink flowers I think is why my dad chose to carry the black fry’s bag )  Dad never did like pink : )

I’m guessing a lot of other guys don’t like to be seen carrying a pink flowered bag with their groceries sticking out anymore than dad does.  I also think Trader Joe’s noticed this as well.  The women had them but the guys . . .

Enter the new bag.  Sun, Surfboards, Palm Trees, The Beach.  Now this appeals to every guy and girl.  It is summer, time for the beach, time for fun, time to shop organic and carry a cool looking bag with groceries inside.

This is marketing and branding at its best.  The bonus to the new bag, when you look at the bottom it has the URL to their website.  Now this is one cool bag and one great marketing idea.

I love this new bag.  I have one in my car all the time.  (Barbara still carries the one with pink flowers)  I’m getting Dad one of the new bags as well.

Frys shopping BagAs for the Fry’s bags.

They are . . . alright.

I carry them too, but they are all black.

Think about it, summer in Tucson, over 100 degrees, trying to keep things cool till I can get them home and in the fridge, and I have them in a BLACK bag!

Dry Ice Anyone?

As a final little goodie.

I took this photo at the store entry on their blackboard.

The have a great sense of humor and there were several people passing by when they saw me with the camera grabbing this shot.  They were all smiling.

Trader Joe’s Sense of Humor

Trader Joes Yikes

If you don’t get the subtle (maybe not so subtle) humor check out this post on Organic Food Market in Oro Valley


  1. dudes don’t like pink bags? LOL