Oro Valley Texas Rangers

Oro Valley Texas Rangers

Monsoon season is in full swing and the Texas Rangers are blooming all over Tucson.  I read up on them last year and found one passionate grower asking people to “please don’t trim them to look like gumdrops”  I’m sure we have all seen them trimmed exactly like gumdrops.

The Purple Sage is lighter in color and in bloom at the same time as the Texas Rangers.  There is a storm brewing at the moment or I would head out and find one for comparison.  Maybe after the storm or tomorrow.

If you want to see this particular scene it is located at the corner of Naranja and Arizona Rose as you enter the La Cholla Estates on the north side of Naranja.

I hope you are enjoying the Monsoon Season as much as we are.  The lightening shows each day are spectacular.

(It is now Tomorrow)  Got this shot with both Purple Sage and Texas Rangers.  The purple fruit you see behind the Purple sage comes from a prickly pear hiding in the background.

Texas Rangers and Purple Sage