Oro Valley Starbucks

Starbucks in Oro ValleyHey, its Starbucks, what can I say. The gold standard of national coffee shops. Starbucks is the grand daddy. The one everyone wants to copy and knock off the top of caffeine hill.

In Oro Valley it is located at the corner of Oracle and First Ave. right behind the Bank of America and beside Sally’s Beauty Supply. You can easily find it on our Oro Valley Coffee Shop Map.

Its Starbucks

Is there anybody left in the United States that doesn’t know what you can find at Starbucks?

  • Featured coffees of the day (Robust, Mild, Decalf)
  • Every combination of coffee drinks you can imagine
  • Vanilla Steamers (sugar free option) and Iced Teas (for those that don’t drink coffee, yes they do exist)
  • Lots of powders and creams to shake in for your own specialized cup of java
  • Indoor and Outdoor Seating
  • Lots of sweets and goodies to get your caffeine into your system quicker
  • The prices are on everything (I like that)
  • You can by all kinds of coffee and Starbucks related coffees and everything coffee related
  • FREE WIFI I know that’s a must for many coffee drinkers these days. They need an outlet for the jitters created by the caffeine and sugar infusion. “Hey Mom, look how fast I’m typing!”

I’ve always been a fan of Yukon, Sumatra, and the Breakfast Blend. They are pretty strong for me so I always have them leave me plenty of room for cream (Half and Half). And they actually leave big pitcher of Half and Half as well as milk in a variety of fat percentages.

I like all of the coffee shops in Oro Valley and can easily find a reason to stop at Starbucks when I’m in the area.