Oro Valley Sporting New Sports Stores

Oro Valley Sports AuthorityIt seems Oro Valley is suddenly getting a sporting chance to get all the sporting goods equipment and clothes they want right here in town.

We have traded our Albertson’s Grocery store for a Sports Authority at First and Oracle.

Oro Valley Big 5 SportsThe other trade was the Osco Drug Store at the corner of Lambert and La Canada which has been transformed into a Big 5 Sport.

The Big 5 is already open as the Grand opening banner shows. The regular signs aren’t up above the door yet, but they are open for business with “Grand Opening Specials”.

The Sport Authority is quite a ways from opening yet as you can see there is still major construction going on inside.

Some would think “Can Oro Valley really support TWO sporting goods stores?” This is a good question. It might be the reason Big 5 got their doors open as soon as possible to try and get an established client base before Sports Authority opens.

The other theory goes along the lines of cluster marketing. Oro Valley might not be able to support One sportings good store, but it might be able to support TWO.

The reasoning goes there will be more people shopping on Oro Valley for sporting goods if there is more than one option. Time will tell.

Does anyone see the irony in these two new sporting goods stores opening in an old Osco and the other in the old Albertson’s?

Tennis anyone?