Oro Valley Reservoir

Why don’t we turn the Naranja City Site into a Reservoir and a park?


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I’ve been thinking about this for some time now. I was taking pictures in the Naranja City Site a couple of months back when someone told me about a stork or crane that came almost every night to the pond. Pond? there’s a pond! Well not much of one, but there is a dam. So why not make it bigger and build a reservoir.

Which got me to thinking, we have all this talk about how there is/will be a water shortage. Why don’t we do what they do in other places; Build a Reservoir. Around it we can build a park and we could have fishing and boating in Oro Valley just like they do at the 14 acre Lakeside Park in Tucson, only much bigger. Now how cool is this for an idea.

Oro Valley needs water, why not store it in a Reservoir?

I’ll bet it would be easier to get a bond issue passed for a Reservoir and a park than just a park.

Anybody else like this idea?


  1. Todd Schrauf says

    Sorry Dave, but storing water in reservoirs in a desert climate like we have in Tucson is not a good idea due to the high evaporative losses. Did you know that about half of the water that enters the CAP canal is lost to evaporation? Maybe they should have built an underground pipe system instead? We have a large underground reservoir in the deep alluvial filled valleys and this is a much more appropriate place to store water. In fact we have been drawing down this reservoir at a rate of about 1 m per year since the 1940s when they invented the submersible pump although there is a long term plan in place to try and eliminate this continued drawdown or mining of water.

  2. Todd,

    Right now we don’t store it at all, it all runs off. Second the water I used in the picture is right here in Tucson. It is the lakeside park.

    Some water storage has to be better than nothing.

    From what I hear we can thank Frank Lloyd Wright for the open aqueducts.