Oro Valley Remote Control

Oro Valley Remote ControlWe were showing homes yesterday and I noticed this remote control on the dining room table. I’ve been seeing more of them around town. They certainly do catch your eye. These babies are just about a foot long if not longer.

It should be clarified that these remotes showing up in Oro Valley have nothing to do with a population with aging eyes. Not in the least.
These remotes are showing up for two main reasons:

  1. People that move to Oro Valley tend to have big fingers. This makes it difficult to hit just the button you want on a standard remote control.
  2. They are much easier to find on the couch.
    If you sit on it you know it.

It is a lot like putting a plunger on the key to the bathroom at the store. Make it a lot harder to misplace. With this remote you should never walk out of the house with it in your pocket causing varying levels of distress for the rest of the family while you are gone.

It will control up to 8 devices. That’s great now if someone would show me how to get it to control those 8 devices that would be good.

I haven’t found one yet that controls hearing aids. And I don’t know that the sleep button works. I pressed it a couple of times and nothing happened.