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Fun on a Sunday A Hip Hop Virtual Tour

Who said real estate has to be boring or for that matter why does life have to be boring?

I ran across a site yesterday called Animoto. It allows you to upload still images, select or upload music, and process into a video. There is a full explanation on how to set this up at Tucson AZ Real Estate – Tucson Meet Animoto. There are a couple of videos I made over there mostly of flowers, cactus, sunsets, plants, just to test it out and try it.

You can try Animoto for free. The only limitation is the video will only be 30 seconds long and you can use about 15 images. A one year account is $30. Unlimited images, unlimited length.

After making a couple of the 30 second videos I decided to pay the 30 bucks and get a full account. I made the videos on around Tucson mentioned above as full videos.

One of the music options they have available is Hip Hop. I’ve never listened to Hip Hop until “So You Think You Can Dance” featured a lot of Hip Hop music this summer.

Last night in the middle of the night I got the idea to do a Hip Hop virtual tour of a home. It is probably the first Hip Hop virtual tour in Oro Valley, It is probably the first Hip Hop virtual tour for Tucson. It might even be the first Hip Hop virtual tour ever. . . Ok maybe not ever, but I don’t know too many in real estate that would think of doing a virtual tour of a listing and setting it to Hip Hop, do you?

Earlier today I did just that. I made two versions of a home in La Reserve. There is a link to this home own website 1635 Deer Shadow Lane in the navigation bar or you can just click on it here if you want to see the site itself.

It is a lot of fun to make these short videos with Animoto. Again for complete details on setting up an account and creating videos read the post mentioned above at Tucson AZ Real Estate.

Now without further delay or writing on my part here are two versions of Hip Hop Virtual Tours for 1635 Deer Shadow Lane in La Reserve. If you have teenagers in the family you just might want them to see how hip you are : )

The second ever Oro Valley Hip Hop Virtual Tour

I hope no one gets hurt either laughing or trying to dance to these videos. We hope you are having a great weekend. Fall is almost here.