Oro Valley Real Estate

Oro Valley Home SearchesOro Valley real estate statistics are not easy to cover

There are several reasons why it is hard to isolate Oro Valley real estate statistics.

Many homes in Oro Valley have a Tucson mailing address

This means when the home is entered into the Tucson MLS system it will be listed as Tucson and not Oro Valley.  Doing a search on Oro Valley will not return any of these homes.

Oro Valley has no clear Zip code distinctions

The zip code searches on 85737 and 85755 will return Oro Valley results, but 85704 but includes more than Oro Valley. Leaving out 04 doesn’t give a complete enough picture.  Including it is too broad.

 Tucson MLS Northwest Area

I usually opt for an even broader brush by reporting on the Northwest area which includes all of Oro Valley and some of Marana and Catalina as well as a part of Tucson.  Not a perfect solution but seems to provide at least a reasonable snapshot.

There is no other way I know of to try and isolate just figures for Oro Valley.  I wish there was a way, I would really like to be able to give a targeted accurate look at what is going on specifically in the Oro Valley real estate market.

Till there is a better solution (don’t hold your breath) we will try and provide as accurate a data as possible to attain.