Oro Valley Raiders of the Lost Ark & Tomb Raiders

oro valley resirvoir

Like something out of Raiders of the Lost Ark or Laura Kroft Tomb Raiders is this photo by Jim Davis of the new Reservoir being constructed off Magee and First behind the McDonald’s at Oracle and Magee.  It reminds me of something you would see on an Archological dig in an Egyptian tomb.

This photo first ran on the front cover of the Northwest insert of the “Arizona Daily Star” on May 24. I remember opening the paper to this photo with the caption “Fluid situations”.  At the time I thought it was too bad that such a great photo would only appear in a section of the paper that is only placed in papers sold in the NW part of Tucson.

Apparently someone else thought the same because on Tuesday May 29th the photo was featured on the front page of the Tucson Region section of the “Arizona Daily Star” as well.

I take a lot of photos. It is a rare occasion when I leave the house without a camera either in the car or in my pocket.

I also look at a lot of photos and every now and then I see one that makes me say “Wow, I wish I had taken that. . .” This is one of those photos.

Oro Valley, Marana and Water

The article is about Water and future plans in both Oro Valley and Marana. It is informative and addresses more of the water issue for Tucson, Oro Valley, and Marana.

Oro Valley in The News

At the bottom of the navigation bar on the left is a section titled OV RE News. This is where I place links to articles in the paper or on the web that are of interest either about Oro Valley or in some way might effect Oro Valley.

It is a good place to check for something new as well as the new posts provided here.

There is more I would like to write about Water and Oro Valley, but the focus today is this great photo by Jim Davis.

If you want to read more about Water and Tucson there is a series of posts on Tucson Water on our Tucson Real Estate in the News blog. There are9 acticles on Tucson Water which you might find intesting reading.


  1. Maybe we can work something out. We have plenty of water here in MN.