Oro Valley Public Art – The Telescope

Oro Valley Public Art - TelescopeI’ll tell you right off, till I read what it was I had no idea.  To Barbara and I it looked like a cigar with wings, a bad cigar with a wing, but that was all we could get out of this thing.  We drive by it all the time going in and out of the bank.  Not even once did it strike us as a telescope.

The wing itself made no sense till I had walked almost completely around the scupture when suddenly for one angle the wing lined up with the mountains and then I knew it was one of those artsy thing where the mountains came down and the skyline was attached to the sculpture itself.

This piece is located near the intersection of Lambert Lane and La Canada.

It is in the Chase Bank parking lot.

I will admit as soon as I read it was a Telescope the “Ah” factor kicked in and my sanctified imaginator began to see what it was.  Do you believe me?

Good, it is true : )

 The View From Inside

I knew you would want to see what it looked like from inside.  Here is exactly what the camera saw as I set it inside the telescope and snapped the image.

Inside the Oro Valley Telescope