Oro Valley Public Art A Gourmet Meal on A Paper Plate

The Artwork is Wonderful the Presentation Leaves Much to be Desired

This past weekend I’ve continued my efforts to document and photograph Oro Valley Public Art.  One thing has come to my attention which in some cases can be rectified.  As I photograph the various pieces of art around town I often have to search very hard to find an angle to shot from which both enhances the artwork and limits the distracting elements surrounding the art itself.

It feels like being served a great gourmet meal on a paper plate.  The food is wonderful but the presentation leaves much to be desired.

Most of what I observed could be avoided and cleaned up to present the artwork without distraction.  Here are a couple of examples.

The Singing Coyote

Oro Valley Singing Coyote

There isn’t anything that can be done about the water spigot, the AC evap pipe or the light on the side of the building.  However, there is no need for the small sapling to be place where it is and the supports for the tree don’t have to be tall wooden sticks with wire going to the tree.  I was able to place one of the tree supports behind the coyote to almost make it invisible, but the other post and wire are the “paper plate” effect mentioned above.  For the photo I cropped the image and cloned out the tree and sapling.

The Lightening Bolt

Oro Valley Public Art - Lightening Bolt

This piece is new and right across Lambert from the Fry’s Shopping Center.  I really don’t know if it has a name or what it is.  It looks awesome and if a movie is ever made in Oro Valley I’m sure the bad guy will end up impaled upon the end of it.  It is hard to tell here but there are multi-colored cables coming off the main piece.

Orange Support PostI know there is nothing that can be done (for now) about the utility poles running down Lambert.  But can you see the large ORANGE support for the tree or bush located to the left.

Back to the main point.  There is a lot of time, money and effort put into creating and displaying displaying each piece of public art.  How much harder is it to make sure the area around it as aesthetic as possible.  There are other ways to stake trees and plants beside big sticks of wood and orange poles.

I’m finding quite a few of the pieces would be greatly enhanced for display with a little forethought on what is located or placed near each piece of art.

The art is wonderful.  The more I find and photograph the more impressed I am with  what is presented and available to the public.  I can see a definite growth in the quality of pieces since the beginning of the 1% Public Art Program.

Now we need a policy of removing the “paper plate presentation” and presenting these wonderful pieces of art in a worthy manner.