Oro Valley Post Office Forever Stamp

forever stamp

Today postal rates went up all over the United States.  A first class stamp went up 2 cents from 39 cents to 41 cents.  A 2 cent increase is nothing new.  If you’ve lived long enough you have seen that price increase from penny postcards to 26 cents today.

When postage went above a nickel, that’s right 5 cents my mom almost had a cow.  “What’s this country coming too. . .”  Yep, we’ve all heard that one before; that was January 7, 1963.  Maybe you don’t remember?  Here is a Chart of all the postal rate increases.

The Forever Stamp

The big news isn’t the increase from 39 cents to 41 cents, it is the introduction of the “Forever Stamp”  This little beauty will cost you 41 cents, just like a 41 cent stamp.  But there is no denomination on this stamp.  No matter how high postage rates for first class mail might increase in the future you can use this forever stamp to cover the first ounce charge.  You can buy the forever stamps at The Oro Valley Post Office.

Even if the rate someday is 75 cents, if the postal service is still around when it goes to 75 cent that is, even at that rate you can put a “Forever Stamp” on and it is good to go.

  • I’m thinking about buying 1000 forever stamps. 
  • It would cost me $410 to buy those 1000 stamps. 
  • Then I would put them away and not even consider using them until postage went up to 45 cents, say in another year or 18 months. 
  • Till then I would buy regular 41 cent stamps. 

I use between 4 and 5 stamps a year.  (I don’t mail much)  At that rate I would have stamps for the next 200 years.  I’m not planning on living that long so I would pass the stamps on as an inheritance to my children to be divided up evenly between them.

In one single purchase I have covered all the first class postage I will ever need and provided a nice addition to the inheritance for my children.  I call that a Win, Win.