Oro Valley New Ace Hardware Open For Business

ace hardware la canada and lambert lane
I missed it. I missed the day the new Ace Hardware store opened on La Canada just North of the Fry’s shopping center. For me a hardware store isn’t just about hardware. No, no, that would be to simple. A hardware store is an “Idea Shop”. A place I could spend hours and hours just looking at “stuff” and thinking of things I could do with the items I find on the shelves there.

Talk about getting my creative juices going, just take me to a hardware store. I’ve yet to stop in, been too busy the past week to even contemplate a couple of hours off planet so to speak. And it is really, really, hard for me to just go and get what I need.

Most of the time I am a hunter gatherer. I know what I need for the task and hand and three trips later I’ve got most of it. But when I go to a hardware store it is like the girls making a trip to the mall to look at . . . you can fill in the blank. I know it will be hours and hours (well after the sun is on the other side of the world) before they will make their way back home again. We have a don’t ask don’t tell policy about mall shopping. : )

Of course if they got some really good bargains they tell, and tell and tell how much they saved.

New Ace Hardware Open

Sorry, I really digressed there. Stop in and take a look around. I love the convenience of this store to where we live. (and buy milk).