Oro Valley Neighborhood Photo Walk

Oro Valley Photo Walk FlowerHave you ever been on a photo walk?  I went on one around my neighborhood yesterday.  It is amazing the things you can see if you get up early, walk slower than a marathon pace and wear quiet shoes.  There are all kinds of flower, scenes, and animals which are out and about early in the morning and not as shy as they are during the heat of the day.

The camera I shoot with most of the time is a Nikon D300.  It is big, and with a telephoto lens on it rather imposing.  It takes wonderful images and is my camera of choice, but it isn’t very good for photo walking.  It is just TOO BIG.

For a photo walk you want a camera you can slip into your pocket, pull out quickly and snap.  Something you can put near the ground or over your head and snap.  For this job I carry a Panasonic Lumix FX35.  It is really small, fits in the palm of my hand, has high definition video capabilities and the ability to change a lot of settings to get the shot I want.

This camera fits perfectly in the outside pocket of my cargo shorts.  (I wear a lot of cargo shorts specifically because I carry this little camera with me everywhere I go).

Up the street a little ways I encounter a barrel cactus which still has fruit from last year and new blooms coming on for this year.  There are yellow lantana flowers beside it and copper rocks providing a turquoise color to the scene.  As I was getting the shot setup a rather large lizard stuck his head around the rock to see what was going on.  He just sat there patiently while I took the photo.

A little further and I saw a nice bush – Bird of Paradise.  Around another bend and there were Desert Marigolds growing along the roadside.  I took the camera and held it behind the flowers and snapped off a few images from near ground with the lens in the shadow of a flower.

And so it went around my neighborhood and into a couple of other subdivisions.  It is the same route I walk most days with a few variations to help prevent total boredom.  Yes, I find walking really boring.  But I find Photo Walking an adventure.

I’ve started a set of images on Flickr for Oro Valley Photo Walk.  I’ll keep adding new images to the set as I take photo walks around town.  Here is the link to the slide show for Oro Valley Photo Walk if you want to see what it is like.

Grab your camera and head out the door some early morning while the cactus are blooming, the monsoon is still here and the temps are cooler.  You might be amazed at what beauty lies very close to your own doorstep when you take the time to see what has always been there.


  1. Dave, the neighborhood walk flower photos are absolutely spectacular! Thanks for the show!

  2. Thea,

    You are very welcome. When you get back we should photo walk your neighborhood. : )