Oro Valley Marketplace Update

The earth has moved

oro valley marketplaceNot only has there been a lot of earth moved, a lot of concrete and metal have been added to the site of the Oro Valley Marketplace as well. Click on the map to see a larger version.

Here is a link to a pdf document that provides a lot of statistics on Oro Valley and the area as well as a preliminary map of store locations at the mall. http://volkco.com/PDFs/OroValleyMarketplace.pdf

This link was sent to me by a friend that found it before I did. He and his wife haven’t even moved here yet but are excited about starting their new life in the Oro Valley area. He has a photo critiquing blog which has some great photos and good critiquing of images. Digapixblog.com is a great place to spend a few minutes each day reading and viewing photos.


  1. Larry Stinson says

    We need a Costco store in the area and word was there was going to be one in or near the new center.
    Why have we not heard more about a Costo. We don’t really need a Wallmart

  2. Larry,

    I agree on both counts. But we already have the Walmart and that isn’t going to go away. So the addition of Costco would be a wonderful asset to the shoppers of Oro Valley.

    But then there is the dreaded word “Traffic”.

  3. I want a Sams Club, Not Costco