Oro Valley Marketplace Update – August 2007

Oro Valley Marketplace August 2007

There has been some progress on the new Oro Valley Market place. We have some new stores to add to the list we released back on June 25th when we asked for input on what others would like to see in the New Oro Valley Marketplace.

Stores Coming to the Oro Valley Marketplace Update 2008:

Already Slated to be coming:

  • Best Buy
  • Cinemark USA Theatres
  • Cost Plus World Market
  • Keg Steakhouse
  • Olive Garden
  • Walmart

The latest additions to the list:

  • BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse
  • DSW Shoes (the ladies in our house like this one)
  • Famous Footwear
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Chase Bank
  • Linens ‘n Things
  • Petco

On the wishlist from comments on the first post:

  • Papadeaux restaurant
  • Anthony’s Homeport
  • An Arts and Crafts store
  • Red Lobster
  • Dance Club
  • a large health club like balleys
  • Costco or Sam’s Club

The most anticipated arrival from what I’m reading is the state of the art theatre. For most of us in Oro Valley the closest and quickest is the theatre in Foothills Mall. Shooting down La Cholla isn’t always the quickest and we are sometimes late.

We are looking forward to the new theatre as well, we still might be late but it will be closer.

The location of the marketplace certainly has some stunning views of the mountains. We will have additional information and photos are time progresses.

We would still like to hear from others what they would like to see in the Oro Valley Marketplace.


  1. Phil Gibbs says

    Perhaps you have not been reading the newspaper articles re OVM. A group called Oro Valley 1st has gathered thousands of signatures of people pledging not to shop at OVM if Wal*Mart is the anchor store. There are many reasons to be against Wal*Mart but this group is angry at the Town council and Vestar for misleading the voters with their campaign to pass the “giveaway” to Vestar.. They promised an “extraordinary shopping experience with unique stores.” Can you say that Wal*Mart, Olive Garden, Best Buy are “unique?” What is your “vested interest” in the OVM?

  2. Phil,

    Yes, I’ve been reading about the controversy which you have done a very good job of summarzing in your comment.

    I’m not writing about the controversy, the “he said, she said, they said, we were promised. . . All of that is well documented by each side and the websites dedicated to the issue.

    I’m writing about what is. The Oro Valley Marketplace. It is coming, it will have shoppers and people going to the movies etc.

    Our purpose here is to provide information on what is going on in Oro Valley in a postive note and allow others to the “giveaway” Vestar.. “unique” “vested interest” squabble and definitions.

    We are not taking sides in this dispute. Our family is looking forward to having another place to shop and eat. Would Walmart be our first choice. . . No, but it is coming so hopefully there will be enough other interesting shops, stores, and restaurants to make it interesting.

    Again, you have summed up the issue in as few and clear words as I’ve seen, thanks.

  3. Diane Peters says

    You said that Wal-Mart is not your first choice but there will be a lot of other interesting shops to make it interesting. With Wal-Mart as the anchor, I can’t imagine how Vestar is going to attract any “interesting” stores or any of the upscale shopping they promised. No one who owns an upscale store is going to want to locate in a shopping center where Wal-Mart is the anchor because the foot-traffic generated by Wal-Mart will not translate into foot-traffic for their unique, interesting, or upscale store.

  4. Diane,

    Thanks for stopping by. “Interesting” is not to be translated “upscale” or “unique”. There isn’t anything about the stores already committed to the Oro Valley Marketplace that reflects either term.

    However, there are two I’ll call them girls in our home. They will shop at DSW shoes, before DSW located in Tucson they drove to Phoenix just to shop at DSW shoes. I will shop at Best Buy. Now I have to drive down to whetmore road to get to the closest Best Buy. I also shop at Office Max in Oro Valley, but most of the time the shelf is empty and they don’t have what I’m looking for so I end up driving down to Best Buy or Circuit City.

    If an In-N-Out burger comes to the Oro Valley Marketplace I know we will eat there. Until recently that was another “must” stop when in Phoenix shopping for shoes.

    It isn’t our intention to join this already in progress debate. Just to report on the progress of the new Oro Valley Marketplace. It is up to each individual to chose if they will shop there or not.

    Upscale of course not, unique not that either, every store going in I’ve found somewhere else with the exception of the car wash, I just don’t pay attentions to car washes to see if they are unique or franchised.

    The Oro Valley Marketplace is coming it is being built now. Time will tell if it is accepted. I think it will be, but it will never be “unique” or “upscale”.

  5. Kathleen Pastryk says

    Demographically, Oro Valley is quite unique. To begin with, we are more educated and professional than many neighboring communities. Aesthetically, OV is uniquely beautiful as your photos have illustrated. As a realtor you must know that not only do we have a amazing mountain and desert vistas, but we have hills that afford amazing views from many different directions and angles, even from my little back yard.
    The proximity of Catalina State Park provides trails that make it possible to wander for miles up into the mountain. You as a realtor must appreciate that these things make Oro Valley rather unique and you must realize why people who seek natural beauty build upscale homes here.
    Is it any wonder, then, that many residents wish to see the kind of development that will enhance and complement what we love about Oro Valley?
    Sorry, but to me and to many, Wal-Mart is a glaring reject. It has no sense of style and it doesn’t pretend to — it is all about low prices in a plain big box. Wal-Mart simply does not fit in with our town’s character. If that makes me sound elitist, so be it. Those of us who chose to live here think that there is no place in Southern AZ quite as lovely as Oro Valley, and we want to keep it that way. We think our town council should strongly urge Vestar to “make good” on their promises and bring us a better quality anchor store. Vestar has said that such stores rejected us because we are not the correct demographic. I think this is one of many Vestar lies. Vestar wants to bring Wal-Mart for their own reasons, their own profit. Sadly, they do not care what people here really want, so they will take their profit and flee to Phoenix. Too bad about Oro Valley.

  6. Kathleen,

    Thanks for stopping by. I’m sorry you chose to ingnore the request to keep comments to the Oro Valley Marketplace being built and not the debate over Walmart.

    It appears the some commenters to this post aren’t willing or able to honor my request to keep comments to the nature of this post.

    Which is an update on the building of the Oro Valley Marketplace. And not a debate over Walmart, “unique” “upscale” or any of the other buzz words being used in this debate.

    This post is not about the debate of whether it should be built, or what should be built. As I stated earlier there are plenty of available blogs and websites for those opinions and comments.

    Even after this request it seems the “venting” continues. Because of this unwillingness to refrain from opinions regarding this debate. I’m left with only one thing to do. It is unfortunate. I’ve never had to close comments on a post until now.

    Kathleen, yes Oro Valley is beautiful, I try and capture that beauty in as many of my images as possible. My being a realtor has nothing to do with the appreciation of this wonderful community of Oro Valley, I live here because of all the places in the Tucson area I could live this is where I want to live.

    We will continue to write about this great community of ours and the events going on here. I just don’t want to engage in this debate about Walmart when there are so many other sites dedicated to the debate already.

    Thank you to all that enjoy this site and the photos of Oro Valley. We provide it as a place to come for information and enjoyment of our home Oro Valley.

  7. I’ve turned the comments back on for this post after turning them off for a day. The reason.

    The first resourceful reader Joan, finding comments closed on this post simply went back to the original post and left her comment.

    Joan’s comment was so good and along the lines of what I was hoping for here I don’t want others with similar input to have to resort to going back or simply not commenting.

    Let me explain in more detail why I don’t want the debate brought over here. I started writing about the Oro Valley Market place with the idea of bringing an In N Out Burger to Oro Valley and the OVM. It is my hope that Vestar and others associated with the project will be reading these posts and getting some positive input on stores people living in Oro Valley would like to see in the marketplace.

    However, if they do read and then only find more of the same old, debate issues in the comments, they will simply click away. There have been some very good suggestions for stores to be included. I hope there will be more.

    Joan’s approach to the anchor store no slated to be built is to refer to it as the –. That works for me.

    Therefore, comments are once again open on this post for any that want to contribute to the discussion on what you would like to see in the Oro Valley Marketplace.

    My thanks again to Joan for being undaunted in finding a way to leave a very positive comment.

  8. Diane Peters says

    I promise not to debate Wal-Mart. Regarding another anchor that would be more appropriate, I originally thought of Ikea, (long before Wal-Mart was announced as the anchor) but I thought…no…that would generate too much traffic and auto pollution so I never mentioned the idea. Then W-M was announced, and so I’m thinking, well, if we’re going to have traffic jams anyway, why not Ikea? I’ll be the students from UA would drive to Oro Valley to shop there to furnish their dorms and apartments. This store has something for everyone and would generate the foot traffic that Vestar is looking for.

  9. Diane,

    Fantastic idea. Ikea, would bring plenty of traffic to the mall and the kind of traffic it would generate fits with restaurants and the theatre.

    And you have shown some nice restraint as well. Thank you.

    This is exactly what we are looking for. Great alternatives and additions to the Oro Valley Marketplace.

    I’ll make this promise, keep the ideas coming and I’ll write a post here directly to Vestar including all these ideas. If they are like any other business out there they are watching the search engines for their name and what is being said.

    Let’s all do our best to get their attention with additions and ideas and I’ll write the post and make sure it is seen on the search engines.

    And let’s see if we can make a difference. : )

    Thanks again Diane, great idea and suggestion.

  10. Vern Taaffe says


    Thank you for offering an opportunity to post positive information regarding the Oro Valley Marketplace.

    I think a good clothing/department store is needed at OVM. Someone mentioned Nordstrom’s in an earlier post. I believe Nordstrom’s has already declined. My preference would be a J.C. Penney’s department store.

    In addition to its various offerings for the home, Penney’s has a wide selection of clothing for men and women.

    In regard to restaurants, it would be great to have a D’Amico’s (Minnesota based) or something like it (http://www.damicoandsons.com/).

  11. Vern,

    Both sound like great additions to the Marketplace.

  12. I vote for Ikea to replace Walmart and get Costco or Sam club committed. Macy dept store. Sears. How about Nifty Over 50 Gym which is very poplar in places like Ca. Michaels arts and crafts store. Specialized new Artist Gallery. Coverd parking to keep the cars protected and cool while you shop something like carports not multi level parking garages.

  13. Im only 11 and i live here about right next the the market place and they should build a skatepark there becuase they have enough room for one and they yell at us for being on the streets so why not be in a skatepark when they dont have to yell at us

  14. Tyler,

    I have to agree with you. There is plenty of room for a skatepark at the Mall. As you say they don’t want you using them on the streets or sidewalks so a skatepark at the Mall sounds like a win/win.