Oro Valley Made the List

Stuck on yourselfI know Oro Valley has already been on some of your lists for various reasons. But sometimes fortune smiles even on the . . .

Anyway, Fortune Small Business magazine has picked Oro Valley as one of its “100 Best Places to Live and Launch.”

Please note that is live and Launch not Live and Lunch. We do have some pretty good places to lunch but we could use more.

We weren’t number 1 but we weren’t number 100 either, Number 44 was our draw and not a bad place to be on the list either.

I know some home sellers that would be thrilled to have more buyers in the Oro Valley real estate market.

Here is the link to the entire article “Oro Valley on the list of top 100 places for small business

You might find reading the comments on this article interesting. It seems some perceive Oro Valley as a speed trap. I’ve lived here for 6 year now and only notice speeders being pulled over. Some say the city government is anti business. One of my favorite descriptions of Oro Valley was

“oro valley…the snottsdale of the old pueblo…jeeeez those people are stuck on themselves!!!”

Wow! I hope I’m not stuck on myself. I better check that out. Be back later! Enjoy the article.