Oro Valley In N Out Burger

Tucson In N Out Burger

This was the scene last night at the Tucson In N Out Burger on Broadway. The lines at the drive through are still almost 100 cars long and this is the fourth day of operations at the new location in Tucson. Our family has waited for an In N Out Burger in Tucson. Tonight for supper we headed out of Oro Valley to Tucson. We arrived just after 6 pm. By 7 pm. we had eaten and enjoyed the sun getting ready to set as we ate our “Double doubles” and I had the crispy Fries, wonderful. Even

I’ve never seen this many people at the opening of a store in a community. This should tell everyone that In N Out Burger makes a huge impact when it comes to town.

Oro Valley needs an In N Out Burger. Tucson has one. Marana will have one before summer is over. Casa Grande will have one before next year is over.

Oro Valley Marketplace is the perfect place to put the Oro Valley In N Out Burger. Forget Walmart as a anchor store, I’ve never seen lines like this to shop at a Walmart.

Oro Valley City Council

Bring us an In N Out Burger

  • They pay their employees well
  • They are a positive influence in the community
  • They use all fresh ingredients using local suppliers
  • They give back to the community through the In N Out Foundation
  • They are family oriented (We are guests, not customers)
  • They attract a lot of people who will eat there then go to a movie, to the mall, to other stores in Oro Valley to shop.

In N Out Burger Experience

In N Out Burger isn’t just a burger joint. How do I know, look at the evidence. For years people have been driving to California and Phoenix to get an In N Out Burger. I can’t tell you how many time our family has driven to Phoenix over the last three years just for an In N Out Burger.

Have you ever seen the opening of a McDonalds, Wendys, Carls Jr., Taco Bell, Burger King. . . or any other store that has people waiting in line just to eat a burger and some fries.

In N Out Foundation imageEating at an In N Out Burger is an experience. It isn’t just eating a meal or grabbing a burger.

Tonight as we waited in line there were In N Out Burger staff members were:

  1. In the parking lot helping people find the end of the drive through line.
  2. They were passing out water and lemonade to the people in line.
  3. They came by and asked how everyone was doing.
  4. They were working very hard but smiling and helping everyone enjoy the experience of In N Out Burger.

Oro Valley needs this kind of positive business in our community. When you go there you don’t just get a good meal at a very reasonable price, you feel better for the experience.

Let’s bring In N Out Burger to the New Oro Valley Marketplace. Bring an In N Out Burger to Oro Valley and I’ll guarantee you more dollars will remain in Oro Valley, but more than that, a postive energy, a positive expereince, a positive influence will be released in our community.


  1. davisbobert says

    I agree. The Oro Valley Marketplace would be a perfect location for another In-N-Out.

  2. I think an in and out burger would be a great access to oro vallet


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