Oro Valley Hay Hay the Gangs All Here

Oro Valley Hay in the Road

I was down at the GOVAC office gathering information about the Oro Valley Public Arts program.  Did you know they are putting together a bus tour for next year?  On my way home from their office I saw a lot of flashing lights.  We all love flashing lights to rubber neck at while driving talking on our old cell phone and texting on our new Iphone.

Needing a fresh 44 oz. Diet Coke for my cup holder I wheeled into the Diamond Shamrock and pulled out the trusty camera and telephoto lens.  Thing were happening quickly, the road was covered in hay as a truck load of hay seemed to have entered a joust with a Dodge station wagon (if they call them station wagons anymore).

By the time I got the camera out the truck had turned around and there was a lively discussion going on with the officers at the scene.  Not a heated discussion, but one which seemed centered on the small hay field which was now located in the left turn lane on Lambert at La Canada.

Since most of you missed this, I thought I would help you with a little off road rubbernecking.  Have a great Friday evening and enjoy your weekend.