Oro Valley Getting Full Sense of Monsoon Season

Oro Valley Monsoon Storm Damage

Oro Valley Monsoon Storm Damage

Last night was a 4 wave boomer storm.  There was plenty of wind to go with the rain and lightening.  This morning I see we are to expect a 40% chance of rain today and tomorrow, with a 50% on Sunday and back to 40% on Monday.  Could be a very loud holiday weekend.

I was down by the Starbucks (no I didn’t stop, maybe later) and there were three trees down and a forth with the top blown away.

Where to Put The Irrigation Drip for a Tree

One of the biggest mistakes made with trees in Oro Valley, or Tucson for that matter is setting up the irrigation system too close to the base of the tree.  This is often done when the trees are small and the roots not far from the base.

The best rule of thumb is put the irrigation drip one foot further away from the tree than the furthest reaching branches.

This forces the root system to expand and seek out the water instead of staying close to the trunk which makes them easily blown over in the wind.