Oro Valley Garbage in Our Desert

Trash in the desertThere are days when I’m really disappointed. One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever lived is Oro Valley. The desert has its own kind of beauty. I think after we have lived here for awhile we forget how majestic a place it is.

Like any community there are things we like or don’t like; City government seems to be one of those topics of discontent. I also read a lot about the Oro Valley Marketplace being anchored by Walmart and the Funeral Home in Rancho Vistoso. The tax levy vote for the Naranja City Site and those for and opposed. I love our city despite its warts and moles.

If we allow ourselves to over focus on these things we can loose sight of the fact we live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. I remember the first time I stepped out of the Target Store in Oro Valley I just smiled. Where else can you walk out of a Target store and have a view like this.

I drive around Oro Valley on a lot of the roads paved and otherwise. I walk the desert in search of wildflowers and to learn more about the beauty of this place I’ve called home for the last 7 years.

More Trash in the desertIn the past few months I’ve seen an increase in our impact on this beautiful place by a blatant disregard for its beauty and keeping it beautiful.

I like the photographers motto: “Take nothing but pictures leave nothing but tracks.”

Oro Valley and our beautiful mountains and desert aren’t here to be our personal dump. Those of us that live here should consider ourselves privileged to live in such a beautiful and majestic setting. We should remind ourselves daily only we can keep it that way. Here are some things we can all do.

  • Properly dispose of plastic bags
  • Don’t litter from your car or on your walks
  • Drink all the beer you want in the desert just take the containers with you
  • Don’t use our community as your personal dump

We live in a desert, things here last for a very long time. Why do you think the Air Force stores planes here. Why do you think Truly Nolan has so many old cars around town. Why do you think you can still find things in the desert in tact that have been there for over 100 years.

Oro Valley is a beautiful place and only we can keep it that way.

Leave Nothing But Tracks