Oro Valley First Ave & Lambert Lane Construction Done

Lambert Lane RepairedIt seems like it has been 10 years since construction started on First Ave. and only 5 years for the work on Lambert Lane. I could hardly believe it when I was headed down Lambert lane yesterday and got to the usual place where the speed drops to 35 mph. then 10 yards later to 25 mph. And there was no heavy machinery on either side of the road and the temporary speed limit signs were down and the permanent 45 mph. sign in place.

Then after running a couple of errand and stopping at Starbucks for a sugar free vanilla steamer I headed adventurously up First Ave. to see the progress there. I almost had to pull over. Oro Valley First Ave construction completedIT IS DONE! All fresh pavement put in place. There was fresh stripping and all the stop lights were in place and functioning.

Just in time for the arrival of the winter visitors traffic around Oro Valley is moving much better. Now the only place really torn up at the moment (at least where I drive) is La Cholla and Lambert Lane intersection where if you just got your car washed you want to avoid at all costs. Unless you car is light brown.