Oro Valley Farmers Market Tomato Basil & Galic Festival

Garlic Festival

Tomoto Basil & Garlic Festival

Saturday July 18, 2009 is the day you won’t find any vampires at the Oro Valley Farmers’ Market. While the tomatoes might look like blood, or be turned into a Bloody Mary that is as close as you will get to the undead.  The Farmers market is open from 8 am. to Noon every Saturday.

And what can I say about Basil, Oh, I know, he wouldn’t want me telling you this but,  he had a little too much to drink and is greener than ever.

During the hot summer months there are fewer snowbirds in town and let’s face it not many people want to go out in the heat.  I’ll admit it is harder these days to go buy my cup of coffee which is always good and hot in the winter.  It is just as good in the summer but it is still hot.

Tomorrow’s festival should be one you want to attend if you haven’t been to the farmer’s market in awhile. The whole day should be fun and interesting.

It is a rule around our house that if one had garlic, all have garlic. It does seem to work pretty well. Therefore, come prepared to sample and eat garlic. You might want to bring along some gum or breath mints for later.

Chef Improv by Ramiro Scavo

One of the things that makes this festival special Ramiro Scavo will be there preparing dishes from what is on site. You can get ideas, taste samples and I hear get recipes as well.

Ramiro Scavo is the chef at Harvest.

As always there will be a great selection of fresh produce and Arizona award winning products.


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