Oro Valley Farmers’ Market Corn Festival Aug 15, 2009

Corn Festival

Corn Festival August 15, 2009

It was the middle of July when we had the Anti Vampire Festival, I mean the Tomato, Basil and Garlic Festival.  It turned out to be a Saturday when i couldn’t get to the Market.

I try and drop in each week for a few minutes at least if I’m in town.  I have a Twitter friend from Burnt Orange Foods that is there each week as well as Adventure Coffee.

I will admit when it is over 100 degrees I’m not one to buy a cup of coffee and stand outside and chat while sipping on coffee.

I distinctly remember not being able to come to last years corn festival.  I remember that because when I got home there were a few ears of corn waiting for me that Barbara had picked up in my absence.

The reason this memory lingers is the fact there were two ears of corn waiting for me.

I’m from Ohio and spent a great many years living and working in Des Moines, Iowa, specifically in Cumming, Iowa.  We had a lot of corn grown around those parts of the country and it was nothing for me to eat half a dozen large ears of corn for a meal.

Barbara has a 2 ear limit.  I attribute this to her petite size.  That should score some points. : )

By the time I had finished off my second ear it was 2 pm. well past the close of the corn festival at Noon.


Next year (that’s tomorrow)  make sure you are around in the morning for the Oro Valley Farmers’ Market Corn Festival.

I’ve been in Irvine, CA for the past week attending my daughter Suzi’s “White Coat” ceremony as she begins her PHD program in Med School there.  While it was 109 here in Oro Valley it was a breezy 75 there.  Tempted to stay a few days longer I was reminded of the Corn Festival.

You are thinking “He can be bribed by sweet corn”?  Yes. I can.


  1. Great festival
    Thanks for the heads up