Oro Valley Echinopsis Cactus Blossoms

Oro Valley Night Blooming Echinopsis

Next to the Night Blooming Cereus the Echinopsis Cactus blooms are one of the prettiest.  These cactus are not native to Arizona.  They come from various parts of South America.  They are legal in Arizona and make a wonderful addition to landscaping which includes cactus.The flowers are delicate in appearance and like the night blooming cereus they bloom for one night and into the next morning, then they close up tight.  It is quite a sight to see mulitple blooms open on the same cactus.  A couple of days ago on my morning photo walk I found a yard with three different Echinopsis cactus and all were in full bloom.

If you see these while out walking and you want to get a picture get your camera and get back there as soon as you can.  This is one flower you don’t say “I’ll get it tomorrow”.  Because you won’t get the chance.  It only smiles for the camera once a year.


  1. I take it that’s an apricot glow?

    We have quite a few of these and many others. They bloom for us several times, and if kept quite cool through the nights will open for several days!
    That is a very nice pic.
    We live in Escanaba Mi.

  2. Kermit,

    I’ll take our word for it. It is in a neighbor’s front yard and here it is so warm they last one night.


  3. Kermit, please tell me how to contact you. I have been seeking a source for plants or seeds of Rebutia perplexa and I have seen photos of yours on the Internet. Thanks, BB

  4. Kermit,

    If you are out there, could you please contact Breck.