Oro Valley Dog Attends Open House

Dog ListeningThe dog shown to the right attended an open house in Oro Valley this past weekend. Yes, it was his house. The significant thing is that during this open house the dog engaged in a game of scrabble and a discussion of the Tucson Real Estate Market. He starred on a short video about scrabble later that day and today served as the talking point for an article on Tucson Real Estate in the News.

Until left out of his cage he showed remarkable ability to howl at a pitch designed to drive anyone hearing it to the brink of insanity and beyond (as Buzz Lightyear would say).

Oh, you are skeptical? Here are links to the two blogs in which he is featured and participated.

How I win at scrabble

A Tale of Two Real Estate Articles

Just an open house dog, now a celebrity on the Real Estate Blogging circuit. What a weekend.

If you click on the dogs picture above you will see how he feels about the whole thing.