Oro Valley Big Dig

Oro Valley Big DigI drive by the Oro Valley Big Dig everyday. It is located between Lambert Lane and Naranja on La Canada up the hill from the new Ace Hardware store. Today it took an interesting turn. The equipment at the bottom of the pond was surrounded by water and it was getting deeper. Do you think they broke a water pipeline or have they hit the Oro Valley Water table?

Back in time a month

Maybe a little more than a month, back in February I was waiting for a nice rain to green up the grass on the course so I could walk down to the cart path by the pond and take a picture up the hill with the pond in the immediate foreground and the green and flag with nicely contrasting colors.

The bonus of that shot was going to be with the moon reflecting back in the water. There were several days and late evenings when I almost had the conditions I was looking for. The next thing I knew this black plastic fence went up around the pond. I hoped it was to be temporary while they removed golf balls or did whatever they were going to do.

A few days later the Rain Trucks showed up and started draining the pond. There goes the spring shot. That took over a week. Then the dig started. I figured they were going to dig down a few more feet so more water could be stored for the course. Great idea. They dug and dug and dug and hauled away dirt and dug more. The other day I saw a semi truck in the hole and it looked small. It was being loaded with dirt to be hauled away. Before I could get back with a camera (actually I had the camera with me I was going to breakfast, nothing gets between me and a good meal) the truck was gone.

Last night it appeared the equipment was parked for the weekend. This morning on the way to breakfast I noticed water around the loader parked at the bottom of the whole. There wasn’t any water there last evening. I decided it was time to at least get a picture of the Oro Valley Big Dig. The equipment had been moved and the water was deeper than earlier in the day.

Have they struck water? Is the Oro Valley water table really this high? : ) Did they break a waterline? Stay tuned as the saga of the Oro Valley Big Dig continues.