Oro Valley After Dark Visitors

Scorpion Hunters

black light flash lightWe have seen the new Indiana Jones movie this summer and the next installment of The Mummy series is just around the corner. In almost all these movies at one time or another scorpions or tarantulas make a creepy appearance. Are you ready to put on your hat and grab a whip (or flashlight)?

Facing your fears is often the best way to overcome them. There are a few people out there that have a fear of scorpions. They are ugly and at times can move pretty fast. For most of us it is matter of being surprised or startled by them.

The bigger they are the more scary, but the good news, or bad news depending on how you look at it, the bigger they are the eaisier the sting. The ones which can cause anaphylactic shock are the small bark scorpions. I’ve written about them over at the Tucson AZ Real Estate Blog Tucson Scorpions.

Back to facing your/our fears. Did you know a scorpion has its skeleton on the outside? Did you know that if you shine a black light on a scorpion it will glow in the dark like a thousand watt light bulb?

You don’t even have to get close to it. A couple of weeks back we were at a friends house and after supper we went out back and he was showing us around his back yard with his black light flashlight. Honestly, it was really cool. Yes, there were scorpions in his back yard, on the walls and in a planter and a few other places. If you have never seen them with a black light, it is hard to believe how they show up.

I was hooked, I knew I had to get one of those flash lights. Barbara found one a couple of days later at Ace Hardware for about $16. It is pictured above.

Here is one of the friendly little visitors I found in the garage a couple of nights ago. The monsoon brings them in seeking shelter from the rain. We have the house sprayed for them and bugs, meaning the ones we usually find are already gone, so to speak. They actually glow a little more blue than green when they are still alive, but getting a good photo up close is much easier when they are dead.

Scorpions eat bugs. They are always hungry and always looking for a good meal. If you keep your house sprayed so you don’t have bugs, then you don’t have food and you don’t have scorpions. (At least not usually, but for the faint of heart I’ll leave it at “If you don’t have bugs you don’t have scorpions.)

Scorpions in Light and Black LightHere is our dead visitor posing on his side for your viewing pleasure. Lights on Lights off.

Pretty impressive isn’t it. It is even better in person. It is a great way to introduce visitors to the nocturnal world of Oro Valley. There are few things as much fun as making the skin crawl on an out of towner who comes to the desert.

Are you ready to grab your black light flashlight and do a little scorpion hunting?

A suggestion, don’t wear sandals.

And you can call me “Oro Valley Dave Scorpion Hunter”, where did I put that whip?

“Honey, have you seen my flash light?”