Old Electronics Pickup – Naranja City Site

Tucson Clean and Beautiful is putting on the Recycle Event tomorrow, January 9, 2010at the Naranja City site.

Time To Go

Bring your Old TV sets and Monitors to be recycled.  It isn’t free, well some stuff is free, but it is convenient.  The cost is $10 per TV (except for Sony, they are exempt) and $5 per computer monitor.  It doesn’t matter if it is working.  There is not fee for printer cartridges.  I’m not sure about printers, I couldn’t find any reference to printers themselves.  If you have one take it.  The most it can cost you is $10.  Better than having them in the landfill.

The times are from 8 am. to 1 pm.  I would guess the earlier the better.

Clean out the garage or office and get rid of those old electronics.

Need another reason

It was just two weeks ago an article stated that more and more infants are being killed by old TV sets.  With newer flat screen sets the old one are being moved to the “kids room”.  But many of those old sets are very heavy.  Most furniture in a childs room isn’t sturdy enough to hold those old sets.  The end result, they are being tipped over and onto very small children.

If you have a situation like this in your home.  Save yourself a lot of potential grief.  Get rid of that old 100 pound set and put something smaller and safer in your child’s room.  Books come to mind 🙂


  1. They are really considering that a park? And 75,000 seems a little nuts. I would be looking at the paperwork and where all the money went.

  2. Garrett,

    It isn’t a park, it has been under consideration to make it a city park for some time. The voters voted down funding last year. I’m not sure what $75,000 you are talking about. (For the site plans?) Since the city site is located where there used to be a mine there are considerations to be made on how to turn it into a park. I’m sure a lot more will be spent before anything actually is located there.

    I like the idea of turning it into a lake park with fishing myself. : )


  3. Now I like that idea. A park with fishing. Seems like a dream at this time

  4. Ralph,

    We can hope, I have my fishing pole ready to go.