La Canada Naranja Intersection Progressing in Oro Valley

La Canada and Naranja Intersection

La Canada and Naranja Intersection

The work on the intersection at La Canada and Naranja is progressing.  I wish it were moving along a little faster.  I’ve seen two near accidents this week at that intersection.  I fear there will be a bad one soon.  It is a very strange setup for traffic moving North on La Canada.  The through traffic moves to the left almost like there were making a left hand turn.  The left turn lane lines up with the thru traffic lane.  It looks like the left turn lane is the through traffic lane.  IT ISN’T.

This week I watched a car turn left following a large truck.  The left turn light was not yet active and the large truck had time to turn left.  The car blindly following behind did not.  The oncoming SUV had the brake hard to keep from “T boning” the car making the left.

In a separate incident a car in the left turn lane went straight through almost colliding with the truck and trailer which was in the through lane.  I don’t know if the guy in the left turn lane changed his mind or wasn’t paying attention and thought he was in the thru lane.  I’ve seen broken glass in the intersection making me think there has already been one pretty good collision in the intersection.

I hope this work is completed soon.  It is very confusing.

The Building of a Fake Earthen Wall

On another note, the retaining wall at the NE corner of the intersection is an amazing thing to watch being constructed.  Who would have thought you would build a wall from the TOP to the BOTTOM instead of the other way around.  But that is exactly how this wall has been built.

It will be interesting to see what it looks like when it is finished.