Killing Mistletoe Does Not Mean You Are Against Christmas

MistletoeIt seems every single movie TV program or story set around Christmas has at least one reference to mistletoe begin hung in a doorway or held over head indicating a kiss to follow.

However, mistletoe in Oro Valley is not something you probably want growing on your property.

Some homeowners associations are already letting members know if they have mistletoe on their property it needs to be removed.

If you are from the Midwest you could easily have assumed what you are seeing from a distance is a squirrel nest. Yes, there are some squirrels in the deserts, But not many.

Mistletoe is a parasite. (Please don’t go off on how romantic beginnings end in parasitic relationships). There isn’t anything romantic about the spread of mistletoe. It is usually spread by birds with seeds deposited on the host.

I’m not going into all the gory details of what mistletoe does to the host or how it proliferates. (I’m a romantic at heart). If you want to learn more about this plant here is all you ever wanted to know about True Mistletoe.

If you want mistletoe, buy the plastic stuff, it works just as well and won’t kill your trees.