In-N-Out Burger Opens at Arizona Pavilions

In N Out Burger LogoGranted this isn’t in Oro Valley, someday I hope to write about In-N-Out Burger comes to the Oro Valley Marketplace. But for today I’ll have to settle for announcing the opening in Marana tomorrow November 15, 2007 of the second In-N-Out Burger in the Tucson area.

I can’t count how many times I’ve eaten at In-N-Out Burger in Tucson since it opened on April 24, 10:30 AM. Yes I know the time it opened, no I wasn’t there. I won’t be at this opening either. I know what a line there will be. All kinds of setup work has been and is being done to make sure this opening is a as smooth as a typical In-N-Out Burger opening. This is one company that knows how to open a store and have things flow smoothly.

All fresh ingredients, no microwaves on the site, none needed. The fries are made right before your eyes from fresh peeled potatoes.

In n Out Burger mealThings I’ve learned since the first In-N-Out Opening

  • If you think the fries are not done enough order them “Well Done” or “Very Well Done” the next time. I like them really crisp and crunchy. They will fix them to your liking.
  • You can get your burger without a bun wrapped in lettuce. It is hard to eat but good.
  • If your burger seems a little dry to you, then order the cheese burger. For some reason the added cheese makes it juicier.

This one should be easier to get to for all of us living in Oro Valley. At least until we get our own built. Okay, so I’m an optimist.

The Arizona Pavilion is at the Cortaro Farms road exit 246 off I-10. It is in front if Chili’s (good food, very noisy) and at the corner of the street where the new digital theatre complex is opening in December. Hmm, In-N-Out and a Movie.


  1. Dave – Nice welcome. I hope you don’t end up like i did with information handing out your phone number for In-N-Out. It is a welcome restaurant to the community.