Ike’s Farmers’ Market Oro Valley

Update: Aug. 14, 2009

Ike’s Farmers’ Market in Oro Valley closed in May of 2009 It was owned by Bashas which is in the process of closing 11 stores around the state including the Bashas at Dove Mountain.

ikes farmers market banner

Ike’s farmers’ market home of the blue carrot. Fortunately the only blue carrot is the one on the sign.

Ikes spice rackI was in there the other day and it makes a good impression quickly. It has great views from outside the store. Once you step inside you are greeted with wide isles and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

There are a lot of organic foods and a great spice bar where you can select from a wide variety of spices.

The coffee area is set up so you can select and grind your own coffee the way you like it.

ikes mellonsThe displays are impressive with lots of room and attention to detail and presentation.

By the front door was a huge display of watermelons looking like there were already to be the center of attraction at a picnic.

There were big bins just like this for pineapples and other fresh fruits.

ikes tomatoesOnce inside I was drawn immediately to the bin with the tomatoes. I’m a sucker for smelling tomatoes.

My dad used to grow them and I love the smell of a tomato that smells like it just came in from the garden. You don’t get that smell in most of the tomatoes at the grocery these days. I wasn’t disappointed, they were just like I remembered growing up in Ohio.

The wine selection was very different from any I have found in other stores around Oro Valley. They had a wide selection of labels I wasn’t familiar with at all. I’ll have to go back and try a few of the names and labels I haven’t seen before.

Ike’s farmers’ market is a welcome addition to Oro Valley. It is always good to have another source for fresh organic food and drink.

You can get more information directly from their web site.

Here are their store hours:

6 am – 9 pm Daily

Phone: 818-9664

Ike’s Farmers Market – Pharmacy
Pharmacy Hours & Phone 520-818-6468

  • M – F 8a-8p
  • Sat. 9a-6p
  • Sun. 10a-5p


  1. Hi! I loved the article! VERY well written, of course I love Ike’s Market! The hours, however, are:
    Mon 6am – 9pm
    Tue 6am – 9pm
    Wed 6am – 9pm
    Thu 6am – 9pm
    Fri 6am – 9pm
    Sat 6am – 9pm
    Sun 6am – 9pm The website makes the pharmacy hours look like the store hours! Thanks!

  2. Dawn,
    I’ll add those hours. with the short form 6 am – 9 pm daily.
    Thanks for the addition.