Hohokam Park Oro Valley

Hohokam Park SignThe location of this park is considered to be the heart of the Hohokam culture in this area. There are 13 acres in the park itself and 95 acres in the entire village area. It was once considered for the Oro Valley City Center. Now it is a wonderful park to be enjoyed. Individuals or whole families will find things of interest at this park.

There are Photos of the Hohokam Park on Flickr for those interested in seeing more of what the park is like.

The Hohokam Park is a gem hidden in Oro Valley. It is a great place to rest, read, play volleyball, basketball or tennis. Walk the dogs or walk yourself on the trails in and around the park.

Here is a map of the park. The easiest way to find the locations in the park on the map is to click on the location list at the bottom.