Hello Oro Valley!

This is the first post of this new website about Oro Valley  and Oro Valley Real Estate. 

Just yesterday there was a blog post written about me and my wife at Teresa Broadman’s blog St Paul Real Estate Blog . The post was about a fantasy home if we could pick one.  The author of the post Larry Cargun was the guest blogger.  Larry’s blog  is Real Estate Undressed.  Larry said this in the post:

“Teresa even found us a dreamer. His name is David Smith, a REALTOR Webmaster, and Blogger from Oro Valley, Arizona. …

Ok, first of all I want to know where in the heck is Oro Valley, Arizona? Also what is it like in Oro Valley?

Dave1 Fortunately David forwarded some websites to study. His real estate agent wife, Barbara Lasky has a site for you to visit.  Tucson Real Estate in the News or Tucson Real Estate.

It appears that Oro Valley is in the Tucson, Arizona area. “

It got me to thinking.  I bet there are a lot of people that don’t know about Oro Valley.  I author two blogs and a website.  The Tucson Real Estate in the News blog has been well received and many people have learned a lot about Tucson from that blog.

So why not have an Oro Valley Blog all of it’s own.  Barbara and I live here and no matter where our business or travels take us during the day we are always glad to come back to our home in Oro Valley.

We will be writing about Oro Valley Real Estate and Living in Oro Valley.  So drop by often and see what’s going on.  Leave a comment, ask a question or just find out what new pictures of Oro Valley are on the site.


  1. Excellent!! Best of luck with it David!

    I know where Oro Valley is. Actually been there, to the Honeywell site in a former corporate life. (At least I think it was Oro Valley….)

  2. Jay,

    WOW, you are the first to find this site. I’ve been tweaking it for a couple of days and just put the first real post up a few hours ago.

    I appreciate your dropping by.

    Yes, Honeywell is indeed in Oro Valley.

  3. David, congrats on your new blog- I had NO idea where Oro Valley was (until I read about it this week with the dueling photo studies). Good luck with your tweaking!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by. The Tweaking is coming along nicely.

    And now I have to stop something Larry started in his post.

    Only my mom when she was mad at me ever called me “David” as in “David, you better get in here right now!” To the rest of the world

    I’m Dave.

    One last tweak tonight. Change comment name to Dave instead of admin.


  5. how about Davester? OR my favorite, The Dave….

  6. Looks good. I read about it on Lorelle on WordPress…. Which I just found recently and can’t remember where but I am wondering now if maybe it was on your Real Estate Blog Lab…

    Congratulations on your new baby.

  7. Maureen,

    Thanks for stopping by. It is kind of amazing having a new baby blog in the family. Lots of extra work and hand holding to get it on it’s feet and walking on the web.

  8. I wish we have this beautiful houses with your OV prices in Marbella, Spain. Your posts are very ineresting Dave, you have keep me reading for hours!
    Greetings from Spain,