Gas $1.99 in Oro Valley

Gas $1.99  is this really Nov. 2008?

Gas $1.99 is this really Nov. 2008?

Like something out of the past is the sign for gas at $1.99 at La Canada and Lambert Lane. I had to take it as sepia for the effect if nothing else.

If you had told me six months ago gas would be under $2 before Thanksgiving I would have just shook my head and wondered if you had just dropped in from another planet.  But the truth is, no one was saying back in July, when we were almost over $4 here and it was even higher in other parts of the country, that now we would be seeing gas prices this low.

But here we are.  Some are wondering how much further this can go.  I think I read the price of crude oil closed at $54 a barrel yesterday.  That is almost a 2/3 drop since July.

The talk today is deflation.  The stock market is paused at the moment.  Some are wondering if the fat lady will sing soon; others wonder if she is even on stage yet.

I don’t know, does anyone?  I am glad to be paying less for gas and milk.  I’m also glad to see the paving project on La Canada drawing to a close.  It will be nice to go to the post office soon.  It will also be nice to make a left turn from Naranja to La Canada again.

How low will gas go?  Do you think we will see $1.25?

I do know this, I can still make choices of how I will respond.  I chose to thank God for everyday, be polite to all I meet and influence others around me in a way they are glad I encountered them.  I hope we can all do the same.  Have a great weekend.  Buy some Prickly Pear Jam at the Oro Valley Farmers Market next weekend.  They will be back on Dec. 6th with more jelly and syrup.  Do your best to Enjoy the Journey.