Fine Gray Dust in Oro Valley

Have you noticed your feet turn gray when you walk around the house barefoot?

Do you see a fine gray dust in the furnace filter?

Vacuum filters really pick it up well. It is everywhere. I’ve lived in three different homes in Oro Valley and every one of them has had this dust.


  1. I have this gray dust you are talking about in my home I think it is something man made that someone has sprays are place in the walls to blow around. Mine also drys out my hair. My shoes also tuned gray when in the attic. and when I come back from walking in the grass. It is on the white bottom part of my shoes. Can you tell me what the is? Thank you Tammy

  2. Lorraine Wright says

    I have this exact dust in my home but I’m no where near Ora Valley (southern Ohio). I’ve been mystified. Older house, circa 1960 remodeled, and we’ve lived here 2 years. I thought I would eventually get it all gone from previous owners but the volume remains steady. I have to completely clean my vacuum every time. In only one carpeted room I can generate enough in the vacuum to have to stop and clean it! I can’t even clean the 4 carpeted rooms that I have! half the house is tile and pergo and I do not see it on the hard floors or anywhere else. I am beginning to think it is disintegrating carpet pad?

  3. Lorraine,

    One way to find out, pull up a corner of the carpet and take a look at the pad. We got rid of all carpet in our home in favor of tile. We’ll never go back to carpet.