Elixer Coffee Solutions Oro Valley

Elixer Coffee Oro ValleyThe most fun coffee stop yet! I have to confess, I love the entrepreneur. I have that drive to be a small business owner to have a career and not just a job. Doing something you love and following your passion. This is what gets me out of bed every morning, (well not literally it is the alarm clock). Elixer Coffee Solutions is a wonderful place to get a great cup of coffee.

Located to the right of the front entrance to the Fry’s shopping center in a Truck, yep a truck, a coffee van stand.

I’ve been back three days in a row now to sample this wonderful coffee. The price of a large cup of mild dark roast is $2.00. The cheapest cup of coffee yet on your rounds of large coffee with the exception of McDonald’s.

Elixer Coffee is a must stop if you are going to be in the Target/Fry’s shopping center at Oracle and First between First and Pusch Ridge Lane. For the entire menu of options I’ve provided you with a look at the menu the day I was there.

I hear the “Starter Fluid” will get your day moving no matter how late you were up the night before.
Elixer Coffee Prices Oro ValleyHere is the menu with prices on the day of this post.

Click on the menu for a larger view.

If you are like me your eyes don’t focus well till you have had your morning coffee so I’ve put the large menu behind this one.

Can you imagine how much I have enjoyed doing this series of post on where in Oro Valley you can go to get a good cup of joe.

I’ve got a couple more posts in this series. One more trip back to some early posts on Desert Rain and Tully’s.

You are very right. Any excuse to go back for another cup of coffee.

You find them located on the Oro Valley Coffee Shop Map as well.


  1. Charlotte says

    Pulled in to Fry’s yesterday for a cup of Elixer….and they are gone! Knew they were having problems with Fry’s management, but thought it was in the process of being worked out. Does anyone know where Renee went?

  2. Charlotte,

    I called Renee’s number at 245-6498. If you call she has a voice mail message explaining Fry’s management on July 26th gave her 24 hrs. to vacate. They said it was due to renovations. Of course this leaves us all without elixer coffee.

    It is temporary and I sincerely hope Elixer coffee will be back in Oro Valley when it opens. As to that Fry’s I won’t be shopping there again.

  3. elixer is a tremendous loss to oro valley and to tucson. extraordinarily good coffee made by a first rate barista at an independent shop was so refreshing. charlie and renee offered a superb product with minimal carbon footprint. frys is being very shortsighted in this decision and i hope elixer will be back very soon.

  4. Chris,

    I agree fully, Renee is where I went for my morning coffee. I miss her and really, really, hope she ends up back on Oro Valley.

    I hope the papers pick up this story. I think the town of Oro Valley should do whatever it can to keep Renee in town.

  5. elixer is at Harlows Garden Nursery, 5620 E. Pima, just east of Craycroft on the south side of the road. The Studebaker has a brand spanking new engine, the coffee equipment has been tuned-up and Renee is still the Barista.

  6. Charlie,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Sorry it is so far from OV but when I’m on that side of town I’ll be looking her up. I’ve missed Elixer.

  7. The highest quality coffee, at least at coffee chains, is Starbucks for sure. Seattle’s Best and other coffee shops can’t match up. I can’t get enough of their rich blends.