Bejing Summer Olympics Schedule 2008

Summer Olympics 2008 Schedule of EventsI know this might come as a shock to many of you, or maybe not, but we aren’t going to the summer Olympics in China this year.  We have never gone before and it was the obvious choice this year as well.

I don’t remember the last time I even saw an Olympic event on the TUBE, but I digress.

Any way, (hows that for a segway)  Our Brokerage came out with a one page schedule of the summer Olympic events which is “personally branded” for each agent.  If you read this blog often you know we don’t do a lot of “personal branding” here.  We talk about Oro Valley and what it is like to live here and call Oro Valley Home.

I personally detest the trite saying I see on many sites “For all your real estate needs”.  But in this instance if you want to print out this schedule and put it on the fridge with magnets we will be glad to privide you with the schedule of events.

One favor I would ask.  Please don’t let the kids draw a mustache on Barbara’s picture.  And don’t do it yourself either : )

barbara with mustache