A Passion for Oro Valley

Do you have a passion for Oro Valley?

A Passion for Oro Valley
Lately I’ve been seeing this little yellow car all around town.  I have to tell you it makes me smile every time I see it.  It is cute.  Not a very nice thing to say about a car.  After all cars are supposed to shout about other things than cute.

But this car is cute, from the first time I saw it till yesterday when I pulled into Walgreens at Lambert and La Canada it makes me smile.  I was looking for the copy of Family Circle with the article about Oro Valley as one of the Top Ten Towns for Families in the country.

I had already struck out across the street and headed for Walgreen’s.  I pulled into the lot and there it was again.  Almost as if to say “Have a Great Day”.

This time I was ready.  I pulled out my Lumix and snapped of a couple of quick snaps.

If you see this car around town.  Give the driver a smile and a wave.  They really are spreading happiness around Oro Valley.


  1. Hi Dave,

    Just wante to let you know Darlene and I have a Smart car just like the one in the photo on order. We should be getting it within the next 60 days. We are going to call it the SMART BEE.