Archives for October 2008

La Canada Naranja Intersection Progressing in Oro Valley

The work on the intersection at La Canada and Naranja is progressing. I wish it were moving along a little faster. I’ve seen two near accidents this week at that intersection. I fear there will be a bad one soon. It is a very strange setup for traffic moving North on La Canada. The through traffic moves to the left almost like there were making a left hand turn. The left turn lane lines up with the thru traffic lane. It looks like the left turn lane is the through traffic lane. IT ISN’T.

The Price of Gas In Des Moines

My daughter that lives in Des Moines, Iowa just snapped this and sent it to me from her phone.  It is cold in Des Moines today, in the 40’s and she is one of those hearty Iowan’s that refuses to turn the furnace on even if it does get a little nippy in the house.  […]

Worlds Largest Zeppelin In Our Skies

The world largest Zeppelin is at the Marana Northwest Regional Airport.  At least it is there for today and hopefully a couple more days as well.  I have a feeling the high winds will be keeping it grounded today.  It is on its way to Moffett Field in Mountain View California.  It will be used […]

Oro Valley Walmart Grand Opening October 29, 2008

The Oro Valley Marketplace is open, maybe not officially, but Dick’s Sporting Goods was open this past weekend.  The traffic lights are functioning and both entrances from Oracle and Tangerine are functional. Driving by the Walmart there are signs on all the doors saying it will be open for business October 29, 2008 at 7:30 […]

Oro Valley Country Club

The Oro Valley Country Club is one of the fun places to take a drive. It is one of the places I go for a Green Grass Fix. There aren’t too many places around Oro Valley you can see green. Lots of green grass everywhere. Great views of the mountains and great views of Green. […]