Archives for August 2008

Oro Valley Getting Full Sense of Monsoon Season

Last night was a 4 wave boomer storm.  There was plenty of wind to go with the rain and lightening.  This morning I see we are to expect a 40% chance of rain today and tomorrow, with a 50% on Sunday and back to 40% on Monday.  Could be a very loud holiday weekend. I […]

Oro Valley Neighborhood Photo Walk

Have you ever been on a photo walk?  I went on one around my neighborhood yesterday.  It is amazing the things you can see if you get up early, walk slower than a marathon pace and wear quiet shoes.  There are all kinds of flower, scenes, and animals which are out and about early in […]

Cold Water in Summer – Got Ice

I’ve lived in Tucson/Oro Valley area for almost 10 years now.  On Aug. 1 I left Oro Valley for a two week road trip back to Ohio where I was born and grew up.  I also graduated from High School at Ontario High in 1968, this was the 40th anniversary class reunion.  I have friends […]

Oro Valley After Dark Visitors

Scorpion Hunters We have seen the new Indiana Jones movie this summer and the next installment of The Mummy series is just around the corner. In almost all these movies at one time or another scorpions or tarantulas make a creepy appearance. Are you ready to put on your hat and grab a whip (or […]