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Bejing Summer Olympics Schedule 2008

I know this might come as a shock to many of you, or maybe not, but we aren’t going to the summer Olympics in China this year.  We have never gone before and it was the obvious choice this year as well. I don’t remember the last time I even saw an Olympic event on […]

Oro Valley Echinopsis Cactus Blossoms

Next to the Night Blooming Cereus the Echinopsis Cactus blooms are one of the prettiest.  These cactus are not native to Arizona.  They come from various parts of South America.  They are legal in Arizona and make a wonderful addition to landscaping which includes cactus.The flowers are delicate in appearance and like the night blooming […]

Oro Valley Trader Joes Smart Marketing

Trader Joe’s in Oro Valley is doing some very smart marketing in the way they are branding their shopping bags. They are also displaying a great sense of humor also.

Oro Valley Texas Rangers

Monsoon season is in full swing and the Texas Rangers are blooming all over Tucson. I read up on them last year and found one passionate grower asking people to “please don’t trim them to look like gumdrops” I’m sure we have all seen them trimmed exactly like gumdrops.

Oro Valley Public Art – The Telescope

I’ll tell you right off, till I read what it was I had no idea. To Barbara and I it looked like a cigar with wings, a bad cigar with a wing, but that was all we could get out of this thing. We drive by it all the time going in and out of the bank. Not even once did it strike us as a telescope.