Archives for May 2008

Summer is Coming To Oro Valley

Even the rabbits in those fur suits know summer is coming. I ran into a few of them down at the wash the other morning discussing how they were planning on coping with the impending summer heat. I could see the sun shining right through their ears when I heard one of them say they […]

Oro Valley Parasitic Mistletoe Revisited

In the past week my eyes have been opened to the growing number of dead trees that line paved and dirt roads in Oro Valley. Almost all of them have evidence of mistletoe.

Oro Valley Reservoir

I’ve been thinking about this for some time now. I was taking pictures in the Naranja City Site a couple of months back when someone told me about a stork or crane that came almost every night to the pond. Pond? there’s a pond! Well not much of one, but there is a dam. So why not make it bigger and build a reservoir.